Save yourself the trip to a branch by verifying your identity online

Checking a new customer’s identity is one of those things we have to do; but just because something’s a legal requirement doesn’t mean that it has to be a hassle. We’re introducing a simpler, easier way of identifying new customers.

Because your time is precious, sometimes going into a branch isn’t convenient. With more applications starting online, it makes sense identifying you online too.

If you’re new to NAB, we can now identify some customers via our new Electronic Verification system.

When you complete certain online applications, we’re giving you the choice of verifying your identity online too. In the past, you’d have to visit a branch with 100 points of ID to do this. But if you can do your application online, why not get verified online too?

Your application is safe

Even though you complete it at the same time, being verified online is actually separate to your application. Regardless of how you choose to be identified, your application will still continue; so verification won’t affect it.

Checking your details

If you choose to continue online, we’ll ask to confirm your details with VEDA, a trusted credit agency. But don’t worry; this is only to confirm your identity and is not a credit check.

If you decide that you don’t want us to use VEDA, we can still use other sources (like the electoral roll) but it’s less likely that we’ll be able to identify you.

Checking your phone number

Then we’ll confirm your phone number; choose between a call and an SMS and we’ll send you a code to ensure that we’ve got the right person. Type it in the field provided and you’ll soon know if we can identify you or not.

Asking you for ID

There’s a chance that we won’t be able to identify you online. In these cases, you’ll need to visit a branch with 100 points of ID to complete the verification process.

And once you’ve been verified online, you’ll never be asked to do so again. But if you apply for something in the future we might still ask you for proof of ID.

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